Diagnosis in Psychoanalytic / Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic / psychodynamic therapists also make diagnostic assessments for their clients, but their understanding of diagnosis is quite different than mainstream psychiatric diagnosis (ICD or DSM). Why diagnose? • For treatment planning• Prognostic implications• Client protection• The communication of empathy• Forestalling flights from therapy• Always provisional, never

Comparison of Classical and Hermeneutical Psychoanalyses on Their Views of Past

Paker, M. (1997). Klasik ve yorumsamacı psikanalizlerin “geçmişe bakışları açısından karşılaştırılması [Comparison of classical and hermeneutical psychoanalyses on their views of the past]. Toplum & Bilim [Society & Science], 72, 102-127 [In Turkish with English Abstract]. Abstract The assumption that our past determines/shapes our current situation is generally accepted not only