Trauma Vortex

The image from 2016, in which I schematically summarized the vortex created by traumatic experiences and the subsequent effects of therapeutic relationships, can be distilled into simpler terms: 1. Trauma hampers our ability to mentally process events. During traumatic episodes, our capacity for verbal memory is

Diagnosis in Psychoanalytic / Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic / psychodynamic therapists also make diagnostic assessments for their clients, but their understanding of diagnosis is quite different than mainstream psychiatric diagnosis (ICD or DSM). Why diagnose? • For treatment planning• Prognostic implications• Client protection• The communication of empathy• Forestalling flights from therapy• Always provisional, never

What is Trauma?

Dr. Salih Murat Paker - Clinical Psychologist - Psychotherapist - December 2021 Traumatic Event and Traumatization What we generally call "traumatic events" are events that overwhelm the physical and mental integrity, balance, and coping capacity of the person in a sudden and harsh way. These events are

Psychology of Migration

Dr. Salih Murat Paker - Clinical Psychologist - Psychotherapist - January 2022 In our age, migration movements have accelerated almost all over the world. Millions of people move every year, sometimes voluntarily for a better life, education, job, but in most cases to escape war, oppression,


Dr. Salih Murat Paker - Clinical Psychologist - Psychotherapist - November 2021 During the pandemic, the use of online psychotherapy has increased unprecedently. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the differences between online therapy and in-office therapy and the main features of online therapy. Let us first